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OCT 2017 - MAR 2018
Archived Previous Posts VIDEO: One Year of David Friedman – The US Ambassador to Israel EXCLUSIVE: Overview of Media on Skripal Attack: Economic Causes Prevail EXCLUSIVE: 30 Questions That Journalists Should be Asking About the Skripal Case VIDEO: ADL “A Nation of Immigrants” – Community Seder EXCLUSIVE: Radicals Flee the Area of Jawbar, Zamalka and Irbin VIDEO: Shabbos Goy Scaramucci – “Jews Are a Beacon to Civilization” VIDEO: Jews & Christian Zionists Comparing Trump to King Cyrus of the Bible EXCLUSIVE: Eastern Ghouta’s Jihadists are Ready to Cooperate VIDEO: Vatican No Longer to Convert Jews | Rabbi David Rosen Reacts VIDEO: Prince Charles – “The Holocaust Is An Unparalleled Human Tragedy” VIDEO: David Solomon — The Next Boss of Goldman Sachs VIDEO: CNN – Globalism is “Anti-Semitic” & International Jewry VIDEO: VP Pence Shilling At AIPAC Conference – 3/7/2018 Is Demonic Possession Ruining Your Life? Catholic Sect Lets You Apply For Exorcism Online VIDEO: Netanyahu Visits Trump – 3/5/2018 Archived Previous Posts VIDEO: ‘Truth’ for Jews is ‘Whatever Serves Israel’s Interests’ – Polish Priest EXCLUSIVE: West Continues to Aggravate Situation in Eastern Ghouta VIDEO: Myths of WW2 Explained!! EXCLUSIVE: What is Actually Happening in Eastern Ghouta? EXCLUSIVE on SYRIA: British Media Publish Hoaxes VIDEO: (((SPLC))) Admits White Genocide Is Planned Church Of Holy Sepulchre Crisis: Jerusalem Is Burning Israel’s Bridges With The Christian World EXCLUSIVE: Militants Initiate New Offensive on Syrian Army Positions in Eastern Ghouta North Korea – Headquarters Under Fire As Gunmen Strike In Japan US Brings Forward Jerusalem Embassy Opening To May VIDEO: [TAKEN DOWN] Israel Lobby Polish Holocaust Propaganda COMMENTARY: Milan Fashion Week – Models Carry Fake Heads On Gucci Catwalk Canada Deports North Korean Asylum Seekers VIDEO: “Do Not Test Israel’s Resolve!” – Netanyahu at the Munich Security Conference VIDEO: Rabbi Goldschmidt Slams Polish PM for “Jewish Perpetrators’ Remarks Archived Previous Posts Donald Trump, The Playboy Model Karen McDougal, And A System For Concealing Infidelity COMMENTARY: Iran, Israel Battle Openly In Race To Define ‘Rules Of The Game’ VIDEO: “Jews Dominate Hollywood” – Indian Bollywood Producer VIDEO: ADL Suppression of Free Speech – “The Online Hate Index” COMMENTARY: The Plot Against America VIDEO: AIPAC Propaganda – “The Value of Bipartisanship” COMMENTARY: Vatican II – The Beginning Of The End Of Catholic Anti-Semitism COMMENTARY: Why China Loves Trump VIDEO: Bilderberg 2018 In Italy – More Russian Connections Than Trump COMMENTARY: The God Of Freemasonry Exposed – Worship Of The Fake Light VIDEO: World Jewish Congress CEO Wants Internet Censorship EXCLUSIVE: US Evacuates ISIS militants from Syria and Iraq to Afghanistan VIDEO: Does the Torah View Goyim as Inferior to Jews? Yes! Says Rabbi Mintz! VIDEO: Brendon O’Connell – “The Talpiot Program / The Key to Understanding Israel’s Power” VIDEO: Oy Vey! More RT Holocaust Propaganda! Archived Previous Posts VIDEO: Gilad Atzmon On Israel, The Lobby, Yinon Plan And Trump VIDEO: RT Holocaust Propaganda – Poland, Holocaust, & Israel VIDEO: Israel Is Angry Over Polish Legislation on the Holocaust EXCLUSIVE: Kurds Have To Live In United Syria VIDEO: Jews for DACA – “Let My People Stay!” VIDEO: Muh Holocaust!! VP Mike Pence Visits Yad Vashem EXCLUSIVE: Turkish Invasion made the U.S. to Intensify Training of BSF VIDEO: Mike Pence – 1st US VP to Give a Speech in the Knesset (Full) – US Embassy Moving to Jerusalem!! VIDEO: VP Mike Pence Arrives to Shill for Israel eBOOK: Marx & Satan VIDEO:Bibi & Bollywood! VIDEO: Netanyahu – “The Greatest Texts That Humans Produced Are In Hebrew…” COMMENTARY: ‘We Look At Them Like Donkeys’ – What Israel’s First Ruling Party Thought About Palestinian Citizens Christians In Egypt Face Unprecedented Persecution, Report Says VIDEO: Who Murdered 66 Million Russians!? Archived Previous Posts VIDEO: Ben Shapiro – “… That’s Why We Have The Talmud” VIDEO: BREAKING – Twitter Engineers “To Ban A Way Of Talking” Through “Shadow Banning” The Tricky Triangle Of Iran, Russia And Israel VIDEO: Hollywood Raises MILLION$ for a Foreign Army Obama Honors Jay-Z At Songwriters Hall Of Fame EXCLUSIVE: Who Is Capable to Prevent Nuclear War Before the Olympics? VIDEO: It’s 2018. Time To Step Things Up VIDEO: International Jewry Personified VIDEO: Trump And Netanhayu (NSFW) COMMENTARY: In Beijing Netanyahu Looks To Marry Israels Technology With China’s Capacity VIDEO: Rabbi – ‘Germans Are The Biggest Threat’ DEBATE: Is A Two-State Solution Still Even Possible? VIDEO: Is China Selling Oil To North Korea? Yemen Could Be ‘Worst’ Humanitarian Crisis In 50 Years INTERVIEW: Protests & Riots In Iran Archived Previous Posts Iran Prosecutor Blames CIA, Israel, & Saudis for Protests VIDEO: Patton Assassination VIDEO: BREAKING – War With Iran Imminent As US Gives Israel Green Light To Assassinate Top General Trump Suggests Cutting Aid To Palestine After ‘Taking Jerusalem Off The Table’ VIDEO: Going East!! The Jews of China Israel Indicts Palestinian Teen Activist Ahed Tamimi VIDEO: Israel & Guatemala’s “Special Relationship” INTERVIEW: Brendon O’Connell Free From Prison in NZ VIDEO: Freemasons 300th Anniversary Webcast Oct 2017 COMMENTARY: The Real Reason Trump Declared Jerusalem The Capital Of Israel Was Because He Feared Losing His Evangelical Voter Base VIDEO: Mossad Behind Sinai Mosque Terror Attack? VIDEO: The Coming Anastrophe COMMENTARY: Did Marlene Dietrich Plot To Murder Hitler? She Seduced John Wayne, James Stewart And JFK But The German Siren Had Grander Designs On History Top General Tells Marines To Be Prepared For A Big Fight VIDEO: Netanyahu’s Merry Christimas Goyim Message! Archived Previous Posts COMMENTARY: Painting Of Crucified Santa Shocks New York Holiday Crowds COMMENTARY: How Donald Trump Lost The War On Christmas VIDEO: The Not So Chosen People VIDEO: Merry Christmas! Thanks Jewish Songwriters! EXPOSED: How Satan Infiltrated Christianity With Christamas DOCUMENTARY: “Things We Won’t Say About Race That Are True” COMMENTARY: Jared Kushner Belongs To Racist Criminal Jewish Cult COMMENTARY: Trump Pardons Racist, Criminal Jewish Fanatic VIDEO: Oy Vey! Christian Zionist Propaganda VIDEO: What is the Council of European Rabbis? INTERVIEW: Geert Wilders, Muslims, & Controlled Opposition Trump Threatens To Stop Aid To UN Member States Over Jerusalem Vote VIDEO: The “Migrant App” Has Arrived — MigApp!! DEBATE: Trump’s Jerusalem Al-Quds Decision Trump Just Handed Russia An Opening In The Middle East Peace Process Archived Previous Posts BANNED ON YOUTUBE: Buzzfeed & Jews Mock Christmas EXCLUSIVE: Will ISIS Blow up Olympics in Korea? VIDEO: Bolshevik Revolution & Freemasonry eBOOK: The Jewish Problem as a Problem of Race, Morals, & Culture VIDEO: Theresa May – “The Extraordinary Contribution of the Jewish Community…” North Korea Readying For Another Nuclear Test? Satellite Images Show Hectic Activity At Punggye-ri VIDEO: Alex Jones Shilling With Breitbart’s Aaron Klien VIDEO: Trump – “Our Nation is Stronger Because of the Jewish People” VIDEO: “The Whole World Will Be A Part of Jerusalem” Will Trump Hasten The Arrival Of The Messiah? Jews And Evangelicals Think So VIDEO: Owen Shroyer Shilling for Israel DEBATE: Trump’s Jerusalem Al-Quds Decision VIDEO: Netanyahu – “I Respect Europe” Russia-China Real Gold Standard Means End Of US Dollar Dominance BANNED ON YOUTUBE: Who Screwed Western Civilization? Lauren Southern EXPOSED Archived Previous Posts BANNED ON YOUTUBE: Who Screwed Western Civilization? Lauren Southern EXPOSED VIDEO: EXPOSED – Lauren Southern Is (((Lauren Simonsen))) VIDEO: Alex Jones – “I’m An Israeli Shill” – 12/6/2017 VIDEO: Tump Declares Jerusalem Capital of Israel!!! COMMENTARY: Rabbi Bans Followers From Looking At Banknote With Poet Married To Christian VIDEO: Arab League Chief Warns Trump Over Jerusalem VIDEO: Israel Lobby Alert – The IAC & Israeli President Rivlin EXCLUSIVE: Will the U.S. Withdraw its Troops from Syria after ISIS is Routed? COMMENTARY: Russian Official Reiterates Claim That Jews Killed The Czar In 1918 COMMENTARY: I Deleted My Social Media Apps Because They Were Turning Me Into An Idiot DEBATE: Israel – It’s The End Of The World As We Know It VIDEO: What Is The “Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS)”? Palestinians Warn Of Violence If Trump Recognizes Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital COMMENTARY: Missing Argentinian Submarine Closer To London VIDEO: “Is There a Future for Jews in Europe?” Archived Previous Posts VIDEO: “Is There a Future for Jews in Europe?” VIDEO: North Korea Kim Jong Un Directs ‘Historical’ Launch Of Missile Capable Of Reach VIDEO: This Is How They Build The Antichrist World Church Poll: 68% Of Israeli Jews Want Jewish Prayer On Temple Mount VIDEO: EXPOSED – Britain First – Zionist Agent Provocateurs Israel Could Rely On ISIS To Contain Iranian Expansion – Israeli Intelligence-Linked Report COMMENTARY: The Israeli Embrace Of ‘Zionist Anti-Semites’ VIDEO: SHILLS!! – NYC Mayor de Blasio at HIAS Jewish Rally for Refugees VIDEO: ADL “Gamer” Propaganda Innocent Woman Knocked Down By Israeli ‘Skunk Cannon’ Targeting Ultra-Orthodox Protesters VIDEO: Should Jews Celebrate Thanksgiving With Goyim? NO!! VIDEO: Israel’s “Secret” Arab Ties VIDEO: Senator Chuck Schumer – “Diversity Visa Program” (2006) Argentina – Families Of 44 Lost Submarine Crew Furious Over Red Tape MONEY: Russia Will ‘Never’ Consider Bitcoin Legalization Archived Previous Posts Trump Declares North Korea State Sponsor Of Terrorism COMMENTARY: That “Harmless” Radioactive Cloud Over Europe Probably Did Come From Russia After All VIDEO: Israel Lobby & The NYC ‘Campus Pitch’ VIDEO: Summary & Update – Zionist Whistleblower Brendon O’Connell Imprisoned DOCUMENTARY: Auschwitz Vs. Science VIDEO: Latest Update From Prison!! Zionist Whistleblower Brendon O’Connell eBOOK: The 1st Holocaust – Jewish Fund Raising Campaigns with Holocaust Claims During & After WWI VIDEO: RT – “Nazism No Laughing Matter” VIDEO: Schwarzenegger Shilling for Israel EXCLUSIVE: Eastern Ghouta – Catastrophic Situation or Heinous Information Campaign VIDEO: Lord Rothschild Present / Balfour Declaration Centenary Event VIDEO: Communist (((Anetta Kahane))) Wants Open Borders COMMENTARY: Freudian Fraud – Sex And Psychoanalysis Foreign, European Jews’ Caused ‘Great Problems’ In Middle East – Prince Charles In 1986 Letter Israeli Firm to Deliver Broadband Internet in Latin America Archived Previous Posts eBOOK: The World Order | Our Secret Rulers VIDEO: “There’s Going To Be War With Israel & Lebanon” – Dr. Steve Pieczenik – 11/10/2017 VIDEO: Pastor Steven Anderson – “Did The Jews Kill Jesus?” / Luke 11 KJV VIDEO: Larry David on SNL | Weinstein, Holocaust, & Hitler VIDEO: Friends of IDF Gala 2017 / Seal “(Crazy) & We’re Never Gonna Survive” COMMENTARY: Genocide Of Europeans Leaked German Military Doc Predicts EU Collapse & Rise Of Pro-Russian ‘Eastern Bloc’ By 2040 VIDEO: Operation Blue Flag – Largest International/Israeli Air Exercise COMMENTARY: Freemasonry In Spain – Why Did General Franco Hate The Freemasons So Much? eBOOK: The Six Million – Fact or Fiction? COMMENTARY: Lenin’s Jewish Roots Vladimir Putin ‘Bathes In Blood From Severed Deer Antlers’ COMMENTARY: Trotsky, The Wall Street Thug DoD Plans Solar-Storm-Based National Blackout Drill During Antifa Protests In November Germany, Israel Sign $2.3 Billion Submarine Deal Tinged With Corruption Allegations Archived Previous Posts MONEY: Putin’s Revenge May See Petro-Yuan Replace Petrodollar VIDEO: New Holocaust Memorial Design, in London, Chosen!! VIDEO: “The Messiah Will Return Only When The West Is Destroyed” COMMENTARY: When New York City Was the Capital of American Communism VIDEO: Holocaust Twisting on RT – 10/24/2017 VIDEO: Newt Gingrich – “The 7 Million Jews Killed by Hitler…” INTERVIEW: “Every Country Should Think of Itself as a Hotel & its People as Hoteliers” VIDEO: RT Communist Propaganda – 10/21/2017 VIDEO: Psychological Warfare & Subversion Cultural Marxism, Islamism And Feminism COMMENTARY: Richest Regions Of Veneto & Lombardy Go To Polls Over Autonomy VIDEO: Farrakhan on The Talmud & Jesus VIDEO: What’s Really Happening to Catalonia – Subversion, Balkanization Xi Calls For ‘New World Order’ Dominated By China And Russia And The Elimination Of The US COMMENTARY: White Nationalist Richard Spencer Gives Israel As Example Of Ethno-State He Wants In U.S VIDEO: Alex Jones – “I’ve Been Neutral With Israel!”
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