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MAY 2015 - JAN 2016
Archived Previous Posts Senate shoots down ‘audit the Fed’ proposal Senator Tom Cotton Received Nearly $1 Mil To Oppose Iran Deal DEBATE: “New Anti-Semitism” (ft. Norman Finkelstein) Lying, Stealing, and Cheating in the Talmud VIDEO: Joe Biden – “I Am A Zionist. You Don’t Have To A Jew To Be A Zionist” COMMENTARY: Unholy Alliance – Christian Zionists and the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict VIDEO: Monkey Depicting Jesus on the Cross – “You are a Nazi, Yeshu, you are a Nazi” COMMENTARY: How Zionism Helped Create the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia DOCUMENTARY: Century of Enslavement – The History of the Federal Reserve AUDIO: Islamophobia in America is a Zionist project COMMENTARY: The Defeatism of Israel’s Enlightened Zionists DOCUMENTARY: “The Zionist Story” VIDEO: Martin Luther on the Jews Swiss General Urges Citizens to Arm Themselves in Response to Social Unrest and Economic Decline VIDEO: Benjamin Netanyahu On Christian Zionism Archived Previous Posts VIDEO: Michael Scheuer – “Israel Is A Cancer On U.S. Foreign Policy” COMMENTARY: Zionist-Controlled Media Seeking to Destroy Religions DEBATE: The Israeli-Saudi Alliance COMMENTARY: Israeli Spy Admits: We Encouraged Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories VIDEO: Rabbi Speaks on Fox News Against Israel and Zionism VIDEO: Cash for Compliments – Zionist Students get Paid to Post Positive VIDEO: Trump Questions Israeli Commitment to Peace Deal VIDEO: The 5 Most Powerful Families that Secretly Control the World DOCUMENTARY: AIPAC – The Hidden Zionist Fist of Steal that Controls America Israel Bans Novel on Arab-Jewish Love Story VIDEO: Zionist Wall Street Bankers Funded the Communist Bolshevik Revolution AUDIO: BBC Radio – “We are dominated by the Jews’ system, the financial Jewish system” VIDEO: Zionist America Playing a Satanic Game & Reshaping the Middle East COMMENTARY: “The Lobby-That-Doesn’t-Exist”: Politicians and Pundits on Jewish Influence in France VIDEO: Where Have the Rothschilds Disappeared to? Archived Previous Posts Documentary: How Big Oil Conquered the World VIDEO: Farrakhan Tells the Truth About Zionist Rothchilds and the Banksters VIDEO: West Prepares to Replace Their Puppet in Turkey Israeli Cabinet Approves Controversial NGO Bill VIDEO: Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews Protesting and Attacked VIDEO: Zionist War on Christmas AUDIO: The Injustice of the Nuremberg Trials COMMENTARY: The terrible truth about the origins of Islam – Were the first Muslims Jews? VIDEO: USS Liberty Cover-up DEBATE: Endangered Christians and Zionist Influence? VIDEO: European/Zionist Plot to Eradicate Race Through Immigration (Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan) Prominent Greek bishop blames ‘Zionist monster’ for same-sex cohabitation bill VIDEO: WWI, The Balfour Declaration, and British Christian Zionism COMMENTARY: Nazis Viewed Zionism as Part of the Jewish World Conspiracy, Admits Zionist Jew VIDEO: Truth About The Star Of David – Who’s Star Is It Really? Archived Previous Posts VIDEO: History of Rothschild Zionism and Israel Zionist Entity, Turkey Agree to Normalize Ties VIDEO: Anti-Zionist Rabbi Debating Zionist Rabbi Netanyahu: Don’t worry, there will be peace ‘eventually’ Jewish-Only Cities to Evict Thousands of Palestinians Zionist dominated US media promotes Islamophobia Running for top UN job, UNESCO chief to appear at Zionist celebration on Capitol Hill Future of ‘Zionist dream’ predicated on peace, Kerry says Netanyahu’s craziness is calculated, to drive out Palestinians Young Dutch Muslims against Zionism, not Judaism Zionists Who Leave Paris, New York or London to Live in a War Zone: Misguided or Just Gullible? Abbas warns about Palestine’s situation Most religious Zionists want Arabs out of Israel, study finds Settlement-driven evictions in Israel helping fuel violence, Palestinians say Israeli Zionists plant knife next to body of Palestinian boy Archived Previous Posts Demoralized militants fleeing Daesh ranks en masse US Jewish movements come together in support of Israel Israel Takes Advantage Of Syrian Civil War To Expand Illegal Golan Heights Settlements Zionism is Moral: Justice Must Be Done Whether Barack Or Ahmed Agree Or Not Israeli protesters hold large anti-Netanyahu demonstration Zionists plan to divide Mideast AIPAC targeting vulnerable Democrats over Iran agreement: Analyst Amnesty International says IDF action after Goldin abduction may be “crimes against humanity” US to free Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard in November ” Zionist Entity Planning 800 More Settler Units in West Bank “ Analysis: No sign of impending intifada despite rise in shootings Netanyahu: We’ll Continue to Build in All of Jerusalem Kerry to Netanyahu: Military strike against Iran would be ‘huge mistake’ Pentagon chief says US will back Israel against ‘danger from Iran’ Ashton Carter in Israel, trying to ease concerns over Iran accord Archived Previous Posts Snowden leak: Israeli commandos killed Syrian general at dinner party More F-35 fighter jets and increased funding for the development of defense systems may be part of increased US defense package ‘Stunning historical mistake’: Netanyahu says Israel is not bound by Iran nuclear deal Bernie Sanders Stance On Israel US candidates funded by Zionist oligarchs: Political analyst Op-ed: Is Christian Zionism Misguided? BBC bias, ‘heinous’ US support for Israel attacked in Gaza War anniversary protest Zionism blamed for plight of Shias in Al Quds rallies Does an ‘ally’ have the right to redefine Zionism? Iranian Military Chief: ISIS is Defending Israel Questions Over 7/7 Bomber’s Trip To Israel UN rights body condemns Israel over 2014 war on Gaza Greek foreign minister visits Israel amid crisis at home How Zionism Corrupts Judaism Famous Rothschild Banking Dynasty Facing Fraud Charges In France Archived Previous Posts Israel not interested in peace: Palestinian foreign minister Israel approves extending fortified fence on its Jordan border Israel abducts 9 after Syrians ‘lynch’ Takfiri Correcting the Zionist Narrative of Israel Israeli troops shoot Palestinian teen twice Jewish Extremists Set Fire To Historic Church In Israel Worshippers Turn Back Zionist Settlers at Al Aqsa Compound French PM: Muslims must reject anti-Semitism posing as anti-Zionism It’s Israelis, not BDS, who must end the occupation Israel approves bill to force-feed Palestinian hunger strikers Op-ed: An Israeli intervention in favor of Syria’s Druze will only push the enemy to attack us Israel closes probe on killing four Gaza children ICC team to visit Israel to probe war crimes: Report ​Israeli Arab actor refusing to play in West Bank pressured by Govt Israeli premier says Arab countries agree with him on Iran Archived Previous Posts Haaretz exclusive: Israel tested ‘dirty-bomb cleanup’ in the desert US Supreme Court Backs Obama on ‘Jerusalem Passport’ ‘We will shoot you if you do anything’: Palestinians recall forced Israeli eviction Netanyahu ally urges world to accept Israel’s hold on Golan France supports Zionist occupation Israelis, Palestinians rally to save village French Foreign Minister moves to appease Israel after Netanyahu request Israel military cautiously upbeat on Iran nuclear deal BBC admits Israeli defense minister interview breached impartiality rules Zionist Entity Drills for Fear of Upcoming War with Hezbollah Israel planning false flag attack in US to create war with Iran: Ex-US Senate candidate Obama: World does not believe Israel serious about two-state solution Syria pioneering battle against terrorism, Zionist regime Jews try to block Christian rite at Jerusalem holy site Former US senator: Washington bribing Israel over Iran deal Archived Previous Posts Hamas paves road near Gaza border ‘to attack Zionists’ Netanyahu demands Palestinians stop anti-Israel ‘campaign’, return to negotiations ‘without preconditions’ Baroness Rothschild: Israel insults our family Palestinian Bedouins ‘live the Nakba every day’ Zionists behind purge of Rohingya by Myanmar Buddhists No Goal – Rajoub Drops FIFA Sportsfare Attack on Israel Orthodox Jewish sect compared to Saudi Arabia after banning women in London from driving Turning Lebanon into Gaza — Israel’s hole card against Iran deal? Dual-citizen Israelis hijacked US foreign policy: Analyst Israeli Air Force Carries Out Airstrikes On Besieged Gaza Strip Israelis rally against cuts to Christian schools funding Israel will imprison soldier, 19, for publicly criticizing the occupation Netanyahu: Israel Will Make the Most of Natural Gas Deposits PLO official Ashrawi blasts Netanyahu plan to keep settlement blocs Apartheid in Israel is about more than just segregated buses Archived Previous Posts Arrests at flashpoint Jerusalem mosque compound 75% of Palestinians in East al-Quds live below poverty Top Israeli Islamist: Arab-Jewish War Inside Israel ‘Inevitable’ Israel On The Run: Becoming a global pariah Wounded anti-Syria militant being treated in Israel: Report On Scott Walker’s ‘listening tour’ of Israel, Palestinians aren’t heard Israel jails Palestinians for Facebook comments In U.S. synagogue speech, Obama says Palestinians ‘not easy partners’ Erekat: New Israeli Government is ‘Racist’ Lieberman blasts Netanyahu for talks with Arab List US Presses Israel On talks For Middle East Nuclear-Free Zone Netanyahu tells EU’s chief diplomat he is committed to two-state solution Debate: Israeli atomic bomb threat  – Press TV Law or no law, Canadians better not criticise Israel
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