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News Items 2010 to 2011
By Dorset Patriot - Mon 20th June 2011
I have been asked to include this.
Never open or reply to spam emails.
Always be suspicious of unsolicited phone calls. Are they really who they say they are?
Obvious good advice, which I am sure everyone is already aware of.

By Dorset Patriot - Thu 9th June 2011 updated Thu 4th August 2011
Here are a few of my own opinions. Comments are welcomed on the forum.

Labels and Instructions
I think products in the UK should have easier to read labels with larger text so people with less than perfect eyesight can read them. Also instruction booklets should be in English only, we should not have to hunt through them to find our own language.
Food ingredients labels with microscopic text could instead have 'Sainsbury-like' pie charts showing dangerous ingredients (Hydrogenated Fat content etc) where appropriate. Some producers list these ingredients but try to disguise them in small print or alternative wording.
To me the origin information of food is as important as the dietary and recycling information.
I always try to identify where a food product has come from and buy British wherever possible.
For non-food items, buying the cheap foreign imports is often a false economy, when they break and have to be thrown away (sent for recycling) after a day or two.

English weights and measures
American programmes for UK television are frequently voiced-over with foreign units of measurement, for example instead of 10 miles they say 16 kilometers.
How annoying, unnecessary and petty is that?
The original American soundtracks are perfectly adequate, why mess with them?
Our news bulletins increasingly and wherever possible use metrication.
The true English patriots amongst us, will continue to use miles, feet and inches.

Anti EU
Politicians and governments you need to listen to and serve the people of your country, not ignore their voices and dictate to them and certainly not destroy and undermine their indigenous culture and traditions by every means you can think of.
It is your hope that the people you label extremists, those who are opposed to your vision of the multicultural 'EU super-state', will eventually shut up and accept the status quo.
Well that won't happen. Patriotic leaders will organise the Nationalists of Britain, as has happened with Nationalist movements and political parties in other parts of Europe. Demonstrations, public unrest and increasing pressure will be exerted to resist your bullying and to see an end to these injustices. You justify your surveillance society as part of the war on terrorism. Your unjust, corrupt foreign policies are the root cause of the terrorism in the first place.
A much more useful spinoff of the surveillance society for you is the ability to monitor and control the population and as the saying goes knowledge is power. Thanks we feel a lot safer now.
We don't need to be dictated to by Brussels, we don't need to be ripped off by the EU, we don't need to be part of the EU. We want 'out of the EU' and we want our country back.
Britain could withdraw from the EU within a matter of months if the political will to do that existed.
The British National Party will do what needs to be done to free us from the EU.
The British National Party has the only sensible policies on immigration.
The British National Party policies are not extremist they are sensible and patriotic.
Something that is sadly lacking from government today.
Involvement in illegal wars, under false pretences, is just one example of how the government has lied to the public, disregarded public opinion and carried on regardless. Politically biased television and newspapers (controlled media) and increasingly monitored (and influenced) internet, all assist in keeping the general public blissfully unaware of the truth. If only they knew.

By Dorset Patriot - Fri 6th May 2011
The British National Party Poole Newtown Council Election votes yesterday were as follows. DAWN COLEMAN 264 (9th overall).   WILLIAM KIMMET 204 (11th overall).
Thank you to those voters and also to William, Dawn and the team for their tremendous effort.
Full election results are neatly displayed on this Bournemouth Daily Echo web page.
Please note that the Echo have not used the new British National Party heart shaped logo.

By Dorset Patriot - Thu 3rd March 2011
The Bournemouth Daily Echo reports on Government cuts affecting Dorset:
Pay freeze won't save frontline police jobs, warns federation
Poole council set to cut 162 jobs    Cuts at home but aid going abroad
Our crazy government prefers to pour money into the European Union, fund a pointless war in Afghanistan and increase our huge Foreign Aid budget ... a proportion of which goes to countries with High Speed Trains, Space Programs and Nuclear Weapons:

By Dorset Patriot - Sat 26th February 2011
When I heard the news that the local residents of Bournemouth were planning a march on the town centre in protest for more democracy and against the corrupt government my heart was filled with joy, that was until I read the Bournemouth Daily Echo article below.
Libyan Demonstrators Gather in Bournemouth Square

By Dorset Patriot - Tue 1st February 2011
Dorset BNP Formal Meeting.
The Dorset Branch of the British National Party started the New Year with a formal meeting held in the plush surroundings of a top hotel in east Dorset. Although the adverse weather conditions kept a few of the regular members away it was very encouraging to see quite a few new faces. Amongst those addressing the meeting were William Kimmet the Poole Organiser and Colin Smith the Bournemouth Organiser. Mike Howson the South West Regional Organiser was the guest speaker.
Meeting - January 2011
Mike Howson informed the audience of the general situation within the Party and then went on to explain how the mainstream media works to keep the views of the British National Party from the general public. Mike also re-iterated the importance of members getting involved in all aspects of activism. After a collection to raise funds for the forthcoming local elections, Mike ended the evening with a question and answer session.
If you live in Dorset and would like to help the Dorset Branch in the May local elections then please contact Dorset Patriot at the email address shown below.

By Dorset Patriot - Sun 23rd January 2011
Is Hate Crime on the increase in Dorset?
I travel to work by bus everyday, so when I was recently told by the 'grumpy' bus driver that I had tended the wrong fare, although initially annoyed, I just mumbled my annoyance and paid up.
I don't think he was 'grumpy' with me because I'm over 50 years old and wear glasses. He was probably fed-up with having to tell every boarding passenger that the fares had increased. Daily Echo - Sat 22nd January 2011: Bournemouth bus driver disciplined over Muslim complaint.
If the Daily Echo ever headlines that Hate Crime has increased in Dorset, bear this story in mind.

By Dorset Patriot - Fri 14th January 2011
Life before Political Correctness. A Dorset Patriot reader sent in a photograph of a book from circa 1972 BPC (Before Political Correctness). The novel written by Agatha Christie is now titled 'And Then There Were None'. It just shows you how times have changed. Simple things like that book cover are now seen as possibly racist and unPC and should be censored at every opportunity. Most BNP supporters are not racist as it happens, but they are largely 'anti-meddling PC government' and 'anti EU dictatorship'. See http://www.bnp.org.uk.
Luckily articles like this one are still perfectly legal, but for how much longer?
Agatha Christie Book

By Dorset Patriot - Thu 6th January 2011
I couldn't help noticing Dorset resident Billy Bragg making the news again (Daily Mail Online).
Musician Billy Bragg victim of malicious 'hypocrite' hate mail attack in Dorset village.
Evidently one of the letters had a second class stamp and was postmarked Southampton.
That discounts any Dorset BNP supporters from sending the letters as most of them are not extremely wealthy, unlike Billy Bragg and they can't afford to make expensive journeys to a neighbouring county to post letters with second class stamps on.

By Dorset Patriot - Fri 17th December 2010
The Bournemouth Daily Echo reports here on the latest government cuts affecting Dorset:
Portland Coastguard Station at Weymouth to close    Council agrees £16m cuts package
It's not all bad news though:   The Barfleur will return to PooleThe Barfleur will return to Poole

By Dorset Patriot - Sun 14th November 2010
At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them

By Dorset Patriot - Sun 6th November 2010
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the crowds flocking to church on Sunday.
Tesco - open Sundays

By Dorset Patriot - Sat 5th November 2010
The British National Party is standing a candidate in the Poole Town By-Election on Thursday 2nd December. The candidate Mr Kimmet, needs volunteers to help him distribute his election leaflets. Please contact me at the Dorset Patriot web site email address shown below, if you would like to help with this campaign.

By Dorset Patriot - Sat 16th October 2010
If you have been to a football match recently, especially at Bournemouth, you will know that there is never any racial abuse or other discrimination of any kind directed towards players or spectators, at least not that I know of. Anyway, in such cases, if they were to occur, there is action that can be taken by the Club in accordance with the Ground Regulations. 'Racial, homophobic or discriminatory abuse, chanting or harassment, is strictly forbidden and will result in arrest or ejection from the Ground'. Families must be able to watch a match in comfort and safety and without hearing abusive shouting or seeing any violence.
I wondered then, why, I was given a 'Kick It Out' leaflet on entering the ground at the last match.
The leaflet advertised the 'Hope not Hate' website which is vehemently anti-BNP. In reality this leaflet was just another piece of propaganda by Searchlight, to fool the public into supporting a cause that the majority of people would support (and yes even I would), however its main purpose was to direct the reader to their anti-nationalist website. Most of the leaflets were left littering the stands at the end of the match. It was good to see Bournemouth win the match 3-2.
Weymouth 'Support Our Troops - Bring Our Boys Home' Campaign
By Dorset Patriot - Sun 10th October 2010
The BNP campaign to 'Support Our Troops - Bring Our Boys Home'
visited Weymouth on Saturday afternoon 9th October 2010.
Thank you to all those who stopped to chat and to sign the petition.
Photos click here.
Dorchester 'Support Our Troops - Bring Our Boys Home' Campaign
By Dorset Patriot - Sun 3rd October 2010
The BNP campaign to 'Support Our Troops - Bring Our Boys Home'
visited Dorchester on Saturday afternoon 2nd October 2010.
The weather stayed fine and dry and the stall attracted a lot of people interested in the campaign and willing to sign the petition.
Christchurch 'Support Our Troops - Bring Our Boys Home' Campaign
By Dorset Patriot - Sun 26th September 2010
The Dorset Branch of the BNP manned a petition signing stall on Saturday 25th September in Christchurch and had a very positive response. A fair and balanced report appeared on the same day at the local Christchurch People website. Thank you Christchurch People.
By Dorset Patriot - Thu 23rd September 2010
We all like a little recreation now and again, especially in today's England, so if you are a lapsed football fan, then why not spend a pleasant Saturday afternoon watching AFC Bournemouth, Dorset's only Football League Team. Manager Eddie Howe has assembled a very exciting team that is playing some excellent football. Click here for the AFC Bournemouth website.

By Dorset Patriot - Fri 10th September 2010
In his first ever local election, British National Party Candidate William Kimmet obtained 3.9% of the vote in the Newtown Ward of Poole. Earlier this year the British National Party Parliamentary Candidate obtained 2.5% of the vote in the General Election, so it seems steady progress is being made. William told the Dorset Patriot that he has laid the foundations for further campaigns in Poole and the experience gained will stand him in good stead for future elections. Dorset Patriot wishes William all the best for the future.
By Dorset Patriot - Sat 14th August 2010
It was nice to see in yesterday's Bournemouth Daily Echo the Lib Dem Group getting all uptight about democracy dying in Bournemouth. They need to liaise with their Poole counterparts if they want to know all about democracy dying. At the hustings held in Poole just prior to the General Election the Liberal Democrat candidate refused to share a platform with the British National Party candidate. Today's English lesson for all you Lib Dem hypocrites.
Hypocrisy: The assumption or postulation of moral standards to which one's own behaviour does not conform.

By Dorset Patriot - Tue 27th July 2010
What's all this about?
Armed Police opened fire during an operation last Thursday to arrest members of the English Defence League who were feared to be masterminding an attack on a Bournemouth mosque, according to today's Bournemouth Daily Echo. A spokesman for Dorset Police said 'Following an investigation police can now confirm these people have been released without charge. At this stage there is no indication whatsoever that any of the mosques in Dorset are under threat of attack'. The Rifles marched through Bournemouth town centre on Sunday 25th July. Could the above incident be the Police trying to scare the EDL from attending? Watch this space.
The Granting of the Civic Honour of Freedom by the Bourough to the Rifles
By Dorset Patriot - Mon 26th July 2010
On Sunday, 25 July 2010 at Pier Approach Bournemouth, thousands of people attended the Ceremony of the Granting of the Freedom of the Borough to The Rifles. The Rifles then marched proudly through the Lower Gardens and Bournemouth Square to cheers and applause.
By Dorset Patriot - Wed 21st July 2010
An official ceremony and parade to grant The Rifles with the Freedom Rights of the Borough will take place in Bournemouth at 1.45pm on Sunday 25th July 2010. The Rifles will formally be presented with an illuminated scroll granting the Freedom rights at a ceremony at Pier Approach. Following the formal Freedom Ceremony, the soldiers will march from the Pier Approach Area through the Lower Gardens and the town centre.

By Dorset Patriot - Sat 17th July 2010
The Voice Of Freedom newspaper.
If you would like to subscribe to the British National Party's monthly newspaper The Voice Of Freedom then please contact Dorset Patriot at the email address shown below.
England Flag
By Dorset Patriot - Tue 29th June 2010
Grab a Bargain. Nationalists buy your England flags now!
I took the wife shopping at Tesco's in Poole yesterday.
Not surprised to see England merchandise on sale at half price and guess what? We didn't pass one car flying an England flag.
By Dorset Patriot - Wed 16th June 2010
You can always rely on one of the leader writers in the Bournemouth Echo having a 'dig' at Nationalist Parties whenever they see an opportunity ... Should We Be Flagging?
Well Ed, if you are having a sideways dig at the British National Party then may I remind you that the British National Party had picked up the flag from the gutter where the liberal elite had left it, secondly, your pleasure will be short lived. As soon as the World Cup is over, or England get knocked out, the freebie flags given away with the Sun will be disposed of in the nearest bin. Patriotism is for life, not just for the duration of England's World Cup campaign.
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