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Dorset Patriot links to websites (Patria, NF etc.) that may be of interest to Nationalists.
Also selected 'alt-media' and 'anti-establishment' websites.
Do your own research (outside the controlled mainstream media) and draw your own conclusions.

Aangirfan (Apr 2014 - Present)
Aangirfan (Dec 2004 - Apr 2014)
Arrest Blair
BIG-LIES.ORG - Fighting Lies Since 1997
Bournemouth Echo
Brandon Martinez - Martinez Perspective
Brandon Martinez - Non-Aligned Media - Archived
Brexit and EU Referendum & Brexit facts
Brother Nathanael - Real Jew News
▶ Brother Nathanael Channel
Bugged Planet - NSA
▶ Caspian Report
Charleston Voice
Christian Concern
Christian Institute
Christopher Bollyn
Corbett Report
David Dees
David Duke
▶ David Duke TV
David Halpin
Dave Hodges
David Icke
David Icke - tagged - cover up
David Icke - tagged - Israeli war crimes
David Irving - Letters to Newspaper Editors
Deep Revisionism - Big Lies dot org
Dissolving Illusions - Vaccines
▶ Dr Suzanne Humphries - Vaccines - Honesty vs Policy
Dublinmick's Breaking News
Educate Yourself
Electoral Commission EU Referendum
Excalibur Patriotic Shop Find Madeleine
Frack Free Dorset
Frack Off
Global Research
▶ Global Research TV
GM-free Scotland
Health Wyze
Henry Makow
Heritage and Destiny
If Americans Knew
Information Clearing House
Institute For Historical Review
It's The Jews!
James Sears
Jew Watch
Justice for Germans
King World News - Links
King World News
King World News - Audio
▶ Kitco News - Video
Labour 25 plus 34 total 59
Lisa Leaks
Lulu - Online Self Publishing
Martinez Perspective - Thoughts and Writings
Max Keiser
Money Week
National Front - Main Site
National Front - An Introduction
National Front - North West NF
Nationalist Opinions - Selected by Michael Easter
Neturei Karta
News With Views
Non-Aligned Media - Brandon Martinez - Archived
Northern Truthseeker
Occidental Observer
Paul Craig Roberts
Press TV
Privacy Online News
Rehmat's World
Renegade Tribune
▶ Rerevisionist - YouTube Channel
Russia Insider
Russia Today
Sean Jobst
Shoah - Europe UK
Shoah - Zionism
Smoloko – Reporting The Truth
Snippets and Snappits
Solidarity - Nationalist Trade Union
Stop Smart Meters
The Electronic Intifada
The Falsification of History
The General Report
The New American
The New Observer
The Realist Report
The Truth Seeker
The United Nations Exposed
They Work For You
Too much, too young
Trading Economics
UK National Grid Status
UK Parliament
UK Statistics - Borders and immigration
Vernon Coleman
Where Is The Outrage?
White Genocide Project
WilliamBanzai7 - Visual Combat - legacy blog
William Blum
Zionist Report
WilliamBanzai7 - Visual Combat - legacy blog NASA Apollo Moon Landing – did they make it or did they fake it?

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