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JUN 2017 - MAR 2018
Archived Previous Posts Britain: the totalitarian Cultural Marxist police state The problem with Christianity and its internationalist doctrine Jared Taylor Exposes Jewish Hypocrisy on Mass Immigration The Convenient Cheddar Man Narrative as Justification for the Racial Transformation of Britain Nationalist Solutions: Be the answer not the sterotype Demonising  the White Working Class Why European Nativism is Entirely Natural and Crucial The Hate Speech Fabrication as Orwellian Thought Control Cultural Marxism and the Demoralisation of the Western Spirit ‘Diversity’ Propaganda as Psychological Manipulation Archived Previous Posts Prince Charles says foreign Jews caused Middle East unrest The Duplicitous Agenda of Anti-European Propaganda What is Race Consciousness and why is it important? Muslims Boycott School Dinners Because Halal Meat is Banned SCM Badges & Stickers Why the Integration Agenda is Self-Defeating Population Growth Puts Strain on the NHS No Mention of Mass Immigration European Racial and Cultural Alienation BBC Gives Platform for Anti-White Tirade by Mixed Race Transgender ‘Victim’ Where Does Tolerance End? Archived Previous Posts The Politically Correct Hypocrisy SCM Stickers Dove and the Non-Existent ‘Racist’ Advert McCains Pushes Anti-Family Propaganda to Sell Product Cultural Marxism & Islam – The Conflicting Tolerance Piers Morgan the Virtue Signalling Anti-White The Lefts Desperation for a White Bogeyman 1 in 5 Students Support Violent Suppression of Free Speech Survey Finds Free Speech is a Tool for Truth NOT Hate SCM is NOT Linked to any Group or Organisation Archived Previous Posts The War on Whites is Real (Video) Nationalism is NOT Extremism Celebrating White Genocide on the BBC (Video) Cultural Marxist Indoctrination of Children in Sweden (Video) Why Do They Hate Nationalism So Much? Mass Immigration, ‘Diversity’ and the Engineering of Consent Please Do Not Use SCM Name & Logos Thoughts on Charlotesville From Boy to Girl to Boy to Woman AGAIN – The Lunacy of Transgenderism Short Film Targets Children With Homosexual Propaganda  Archived Previous Posts Harry Hay – ‘Father of Gay Liberation,’ Communist, and supporter of NAMBLA the Paedophile Advocacy Group ‘Dead, random white dude.What’s so special about you?’ Black Rappers Anti-White Tirade An Uncomfortable Past for Gay Rights Cambridge University investigating “all white people are racist” tweet from head of equality SCM Stickers SCM Merchandise Straight White & Proud? That’s ‘Vile’ & ‘Intimidating’ Apparently The Deception of Cultural Marxist ‘Patriotism’ Transport for London scraps ‘ladies and gentlemen’ from Tube tannoy announcements in gender-neutral move Europeans are NOT Free Archived Previous Posts EU Commission’s demands for EU Citizens after Brexit clearly unacceptable Why Violence and Retaliation Won’t Work The Architects of Western Decline: A Study on the Frankfurt School and Cultural Marxism The Fundamental Criteria for Social Marxism (Video) Grenfell Tower and the Hard Lefts Pursuit of Class War Using a Racial Narrative The Czech Republic refuses to be forced to accept EU Migrant Quotas Progressivism is Cultural Marxism The Lefts Hypocrisy over the Grenfell Tower Fire Incident Nationalism and the Working Class  Why would Jewish Groups Oppose Anti-Sharia Marches Across America?
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