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MAY 2017 - NOV 2017
Archived Previous Posts Bannon Cucks Out Muslims Hijack Christmas Cuckservatives Serve Jewish Power Canada’s Immigrant Immigration Minister Vows to Speed Up White Genocide Russia Has a Problem With Islam Putin Refers to Torah as Basis of His Values New Report: Andrew Anglin was former anti-racist vegan, dabbled in hard drugs, homosexuality & pedophilia Russia Today Forced to Register Under Foreign Agents Act Treacherous Spanish Marxists Promote Destabilization of España Avigdor Eskin: Right-Wing Zionist Fanatic Behind Duginism Archived Previous Posts Semites Squabble in London Streets Globalists Promoting Genocide of Native Swedes Right-Wing Zionists Are Not Our Friends Russian Trolls Instigated and Backed Both Sides of Street Protest in Texas During US Election Trump Points Finger At Globalist Zionist Chuck Schumer After NY Terror White People Now a Minority in Toronto Duginist publication calls Russians and Jews “chosen peoples” Nigel Farage Calls out Jewish Lobby Power in Effort to Cuck for Russia The Promising Platform of Ukraine’s National Corps British Cuck Says ISIS Terrorists Should be “Reintegrated” Into Society Archived Previous Posts Poland Might Prevent Richard Spencer Speech for Wrong Reasons Britain to Bribe Islamist Radicals Not to Attack Lega Nord separatists align with Kremlin against Italia and Europa The Obvious Kalergite Agenda of PragerU Ukrainian Nationalists vs. American Alt-Right Who Nazi Salute Zionist Milo Yiannopoulos Nazbol Matt Heimbach Reached Out to North Korea to Become Their Stooge Salafist imam calls for Islamization through Catalan independence Bolshevik Russia Continues to Meddle in Spain Choosing Ukraine Over Putinist Bolshevism Attempted Assassination of Ukrainian Politician in Kiev – Russia Suspected Archived Previous Posts Shocking Proof of White Genocide in France Britons Must Resist Genocide at All Costs Cucks and libtards will yell at the sky to protest Trump NazBol “Alt-Right” Goon Vincent Law Says Putin Will Save the White Race German AfD Party Explicitly Rejects Islam Soros Funds Pro-Migrant Catalan Separatist Think-Tanks Israel and Russia Support the Catalan Separatist Movement Radical Muslims Threaten to Kill Geert Wilders in the UK Russian Internet Troll Reveals Aim to “Turn Americans Against Government” Alt-Righters Must Avoid Russia Cucks and Duginists Leading the Movement Archived Previous Posts Catalan Separatists Are Pro-Immigration Cucks Islamic Colonization of Britain Russian Media Upset Patriotism Rising in Spain Putin Visits Former KGB Boss A Somali Controls Canada’s Immigration Policies & Predictably Lets In Somalian Refugees Who Do Terror Julian Assange Confirmed as Kremlin Stooge Evidence That Canada is Run By White Supremacists Kremlin and Controlled Alt-Media Supporting Break Up of Spain Inviting Barbarism to Our Lands Nationalists Must Be On Guard of Entryism from Jews, Muslims and Russians Archived Previous Posts Islam Encourages Breast Feeding of Grown Men Semitic Outsiders Unite to Kill Evil Whitey Our News Media is Celebrating White Genocide Similarities Between Russia and Israel Jorjani Pushed out of the Alt-Right Because of Spencer’s Russophilia? Russian Mouthpiece Jay Dyer Still Promoting Dugin Alt-Right Complains About Free Speech Suppression in West but not in Russia In Defense of NATO Dugin’s Published Plan to Destroy the West Dictator Groupie Eva Bartlett Now in North Korea Archived Previous Posts Non-White Immigrants Are White Supremacists The Anti-White Agenda of Maniac Leftists Phony Anti-War Zealots Work for Iran & Russia Multiculturalism is Literally Killing Britain Jihadi Muslims Vow to Reconquer Spain Jared Taylor Crushes Hispanic Hypocrite and Muslim Leftist The War on Whites is Real Globalist Muslim Taken Down by Identitarian Russians Who Met Trump Jr. Have KGB Connections Alt-Right Changes Tack: Now Applauds Russian Meddling in US Election Archived Previous Posts Unemployed Communists Fight for Russia in Ukraine Ken O’Keefe Calls for Military Coup in US Dugin and his “Special Russian Truth” Dugin Claims ‘We’re no longer anti-American’ Now that Trump is in Power American Libertarians Carry Water for the Kremlin Putin is a Mafia Don Russia is Corrupting Nationalism With its Dirty Money Proof The Russians Bought Off Marine Le Pen Russia’s Alt-Right Fifth Column Get Triggered By Putin Criticism Ex-Infowars Hack Kurt Nimmo Bows to Russia Archived Previous Posts “Anti-War” Libertarians and the Truther Cult Now Support War On Terror Russia Sponsoring Anti-Government Activists in the West Paradoxical Fascist Support of Putin The Suicidal Death Cult of Putinism Martinez & Bjerknes Unmask the Putin Cult CJ Bjerknes Takes on Putin Cult The Immivasion Hits Spain Does Richard Spencer Support ‘Free Speech’ in Russia? Former Anti-Islam Activist Wants Me to Stop Criticizing Muslims Black Supremacist Thug Ice Cube on ‘White Privilege’ Archived Previous Posts IslamoCuck Truther Girl Can’t Muster an Argument Leftist Hack Oliver Stone Loves Putin George Galloway’s Absurd Double Standards “Putin’s Popular” – Therefore He’s “Good”? False Flag Cult Comes Undone With Iran Attack George Galloway – Classic Sabbath Kaffir Confused Truthers Diversity in London Brings Terror Watson’s Vid On the Spiralling Migrant Crisis Whites Are the Global Minority Archived Previous Posts Queries for 9/11 Truthers Kevin Barrett’s Skewed “False Flag” Formula London’s Muslim Mayor Previously Said Terror Attacks Part of “Living in Big City” Semitic Squabble in New York Richard Spencer – SuperCuck for Russia Antifa Gutter Punks Keep Getting Trashier An Alliance With the Alt-Lite? Alt-Lite Professor Triggered By Alt-Right’s “Anti-Semitism” Unworkable Alliances Lunatic Leftists & “Truther” Muslims Declare Jihad Against Me Archived Previous Posts Leftists, Sabbath Kaffirs and the “False Flag” Cult Putin looking out for “Russia’s interest” is a bogus platitude Road rules and transportation under pure anarchy would be chaotic Weakest Link in Anarchist Theory
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