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Latest News / Top Stories “Blastoff” In The Metals Bulls Have Been Waiting For Is “So Close” WARNING: This Now Threatens To Bring The System To Its Knees The Silver Market Is Readying For One Of Its Greatest Upside Breakouts! ALERT: Silver Shorts In Danger Of Getting Crushed As Massive Breakout Unfolds! PREPARE: Shocks To The Global Financial System Are Coming…Look At This IMPORTANT UPDATE: Gold & The Mining Shares Preparing To Blastoff! ALERT: Look At What Else Is Getting Ready For A Major Breakout! The Gold Market Is Now Approaching The Mother Of All Upside Breakouts! WORLD EDGES CLOSER TO WAR: Greyerz – Forget Pullbacks, Silver Price Set To Skyrocket 46X! Commercials Cover Gold Shorts As The War In The Gold & Silver Markets Continues To Rage James Turk Just Said This May Cause The Price Of Silver To Skyrocket MAJOR ALERT: Celente Just Warned Global War May Break Out Within Days Here Is An Important Look At The Big Picture For Gold And The US Dollar WARNING: Things Could Get Dicey Quickly But Silver Is Poised To Do Something Big On The Upside URGENT ALERT: Gerald Celente Just Issued This Dire Warning MAJOR ALERT: Shocking Moves Being Made In The Silver Market CAUTION: Celente – Fade The Rally In Stocks, The “Market Crasher” Has Been Unleashed! ALERT: This Ticking Time Bomb Is Now 73% Higher Than It Was In 2008! Trade War Is Accelerating China’s Timetable For $20,000 Gold Greyerz – This Terrifying Global Collapse Will Change The World For A Very Long Time GOLD PRICE - WHERE THE WORLD CHECKS THE GOLD PRICE GOLD PRICE - WHERE THE WORLD CHECKS THE GOLD PRICE
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