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No more Muslims!
British National Party Chairman Adam Walker speaking at a successful Burnley & Pendle meeting, discusses brexit and the threat that Turkey joining the EU brings.

Page 44 Mon, 20/06/2016

Everybody wants Out of the EU
BNP Chairman Adam Walker takes time out of his Out of the EU campaign to find out what regular people think on Brexit. Join us and campaign to get Britain Out of the EU

Page 44 Sun, 19/06/2016

Vote Leave on the 23rd June
In a short but entertaining speech in South London recently, David Furness outlined some of the reasons to Vote Leave on 23 June 2016. Let us not forget that the last referendum on Europe was in 1975 so it could be another 41 years before the next referendum on Europe (if at all). Therefore, this could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change this country for the better. Vote Leave for freedom and independence. Join us and campaign to get Britain Out of the EU.

Page 44 Mon, 13/06/2016

British Independence!
With EU referendum opinion polls neck and neck, BNP’s London regional organiser Mike Jones explains that it’s vital all ‘Leave’ the EU supporters get out and vote on June 23rd to ensure we win the referendum and celebrate British Independence Day! Join us and campaign to get Britain Out of the EU.

Page 44 Tue, 07/06/2016

Islamic State: London HQ exposed
Islam is inherently intolerant, requiring Muslims to convert ‘non-believers’. The BNP champions the right for a person to practise their religion free of persecution, which is why the BNP vehemently opposes the colonisation by Islam of Britain. With more than 1,500 mosques currently in Britain, Islam poses a threat to freedom of expression and faith. The BNP will put a stop to the Islamic takeover of Britain, starting by denying planning permission for any mosques on British soil and shutting down those run by extremists. In this video, the BNP’s London mayoral candidate for 2016 exposes the Regent’s Park Mosque, where the black flag of Jihad has been seen many times. Isn’t it about time you added your name to the ever increasing list of activists willing to stand up and start fighting back to protect our great British identity, culture and traditions? Join the BNP today! To find out more call our hotline now on 0844 809 4581

Page 44 Mon, 30/05/2016

Out of the EU
BNP Chairman Adam Walker explains the simple steps and action that needs to be taken to get Britain out of the European Union.

Page 44 Sat, 28/05/2016

Win, win, win
BNP Cllr’s Richard Perry and Tina Gentry, reflect on the recent election results in Heybridge, which saw the BNP gain yet another seat on the council with the appointment of Cllr Jan Rablin, giving us further strength in our plight to fight unsustainable housing in the area.

Page 44 Tue, 24/05/2016

Heybridge BNP win with 44.71%
Fighting unsustainable housing because we care. Councillor Jan Rablin defeated the local sitting District Councillor with a total of 279 votes giving him 44.71% of the vote and was duly elected on to Heybridge Parish Council. Will the Conservatives now stop pretending that the people of Heybridge actually want 1000’s of houses built on a flood plain simply to accommodate non-local people?

Page 44 Fri, 13/05/2016

BNP London Manifesto Launch 2016
BNP London recently launched the 2016 Mayoral & GLA election manifesto. The first part of the launch meeting was covered by a BBC London TV camera crew and featured twice on BBC 1 regional news later that evening. London organiser Mike Jones got the meeting started with a round-up of some parts of the campaign so far. To add to the Mayoral and GLA election campaign, Mike announced a third election the London region is contesting. After the resignation of yet another UKIP councillor, a by-election is taking place in the London borough of Havering, in Heaton ward. Mike was pleased to announce Denise Underwood as our BNP candidate. Well done to Denise for giving the electorate a genuine, patriotic choice! Mayoral candidate David Furness then explained the manifesto policies before undertaking another interview with the BBC for the news coverage. During the second half of the meeting, Mike Jones called for activists to step up the leafleting activities, encouraging them to take boxes away to distribute in their local wards.

Page 44 Sun, 24/04/2016

BNP GLA Election Broadcast 2016
Whether it’s closing the doors on ALL immigration, stopping the Islamification of Britain, putting local people first on housing list, saving our NHS, ensuring school places for local children, and generally giving the corrupt, rotten old party politicians a hard time in City Hall, there’s every reason to vote British National Party and elect David Furness on 5th May 2016.

Page 44 Thu, 14/04/2016

Pain of indigenous community ignored!
The 1960s and 1970s saw tens of thousands of Bangladeshi Muslims flood the London Borough of Camden in North London. The areas of Somers Town, King’s Cross, and Regent’s Park Estate were the worst affected areas in the Borough. This destructive policy displaced the local working class indigenous population out of the council estates. There are many community centres, youth clubs and charities in this area of London which are specifically for the Bangladeshi community. There is not, and has never been, any such specific help for the native British community. Camden is just one of the many areas in the UK now colonised by third-world immigrants. Many schools in this Labour-controlled area of London are entirely non-white British.

Page 44 Wed, 06/04/2016

BNP celebrates St Patrick’s Day
St Patrick’s Day (17th March) is celebrated every year and it’s now a global celebration of Irish culture. It’s the day when the Irish and those of Irish extraction celebrate one of Ireland’s patron saints, St Patrick. The British National Party would like to wish all Irish people and those of Irish heritage, a Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Page 44 Thu, 17/03/2016

BNP message to 5.9 Million people
Addressing members and activists at a fundraising event Party Chairman Adam Walker talks about the work being put into our London Mayoral Election campaign and the benefits of being able to put our message out to 5.9 million people.

Page 44 Mon, 07/03/2016

David Furness BNP Mayoral Candidate
The BNP’s London Mayoral candidate David Furness, talking at a very successful fundraiser event shares some of his experiences while working on the campaign trail.

Page 44 Mon, 07/03/2016

Adam Walker talks to BNP members
Following on from a day of activism in London, Chairman Adam Walker meets with a new party member, who offers an insight into what motivated him to join the BNP. Do you have the heart to join us in our campaign to protect and preserve our great British culture and identity? One which a great many decent immigrant families admire and came here to enjoy.

Page 44 Mon, 07/03/2016

BNP celebrates St David’s Day
St David’s Day (1st March) is celebrated every year. It’s the day when the people of Wales and those of Welsh extraction celebrate their patron saint, St David. He lived and died in the sixth century and is credited with spreading Christianity to the pagan Celtic tribes. St David was recognised as a national patron Saint at the height of Welsh resistance to the Normans. Many miracles have been attributed to him. It is said that he once cause the ground beneath him to rise when preaching, so that everyone could see and hear him. The British National Party, wish all Welsh people and those of Welsh extraction, a Happy St David’s Day! (Welsh: Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus!)

Page 44 Tue, 01/03/2016

Justice for Charlene - Update
For those that have followed the story of missing Blackpool schoolgirl Charlene Downes, her mother Karen, interviewed here by BNPtv’s Tony Bamber, provides us with an update to investigations and her on-going campaign to gain ‘Justice for Charlene’.

Page 44 Wed, 24/02/2016

Mandela murdered civilians, statue removed
Contrary to what the media has been reporting for decades, Nelson Mandela was little more than a terrorist and a murderer. Mandela was the founder of the military wing of the African National Congress (ANC) known as the “Spear of the Nation.” Mandela’s terrorists were responsible for over one hundred and fifty acts of violence including the bombing of a Jewish synagogue and the bombing of a black policeman’s home. Mandela’s bombs killed many innocent civilians (men, women and children – black and white). Mandela admitted in court that he planned sabotage. When arrested, he and his fellow terrorists had a large stockpile of weapons which included automatic weapons, dynamite, land mines, and hand grenades. Mandela never renounced violence. In fact, he was offered an early, conditional release in 1985 on the condition that he renounced violence. He refused. His ANC employed the hideously violent method of execution known as “the necklace”. This brutality involves placing a tyre over the body of a bound victim. Petrol is poured inside the tyre and then set alight. This gruesome method of killing has been used to murder over six hundred people (mainly black policemen and their families) and has also been used by black South Africans against black immigrants from the rest of Africa. Nelson Mandela’s wife Winnie said: “With our box of matches and our necklaces, we will liberate South Africa.” Initially, there were plans to put the Nelson Mandela statue in Trafalgar Square, but Westminster Council refused permission. However, Parliament Square is under the control of the Greater London Authority (GLA), not Westminster Council, and therefore ‘Red Ken’ Livingstone (the London Mayor in 2007) decided to put the statue in this square which is next to Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament. It’s time to remove the statue of Nelson Mandela from Parliament Square because it glorifies a man who believed in violence and terrorism. Mahatma Gandhi - Gandhi lived in South Africa for two decades, and he campaigned for the rights of Indian people in that country. However while there, he called black Africans Kaffirs, an insulting and contemptuous term for a black African. In 1893, Gandhi wrote to the Natal parliament describing the natives of Africa as “savages”. Gandhi did not like the violent tactics of the suffragettes in Britain, and he also disliked their demands for complete equality. In the 1930s, Gandhi began to campaign for an independent and unified Hindu and Muslim India, which was an impossible dream because the Muslim League wanted a separate Muslim State. After the Second World War, Britain was looking to rid itself of the distraction and expense of India. Therefore, a date (1947) was set for the independence of India, but soon after, India descended into sectarian civil war and chaos. Eventually, the country was partitioned into India and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Gandhi failed to control the partition of India and in 1948 a fellow Hindu assassinated him. Serious tensions between India and Pakistan exist to this day. Ultimately, Gandhi worked for the interests of his people and not for the people of Britain. Therefore, Gandhi’s statue should not be in Parliament Square; it should be offered to the Indian Embassy instead.

Page 44 Mon, 15/02/2016

BNP supports the black cab drivers of London
London Mayoral Candidate David Furness explains why he and the British National party are in support of the black cab drivers.

Page 44 Tue, 02/02/2016

Stop the Muslim Mayor - BNP London
This May, the British National Party is giving Londoners the opportunity to elect a real Londoner onto the Greater London Assembly (GLA) to represent them. British people are becoming a minority in the British capital, and now the traitorous Labour Party is trying to pass control of London to a Muslim Mayor. The BNP has a clear mission, keep London British!

Page 44 Fri, 29/01/2016

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